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Diversity & Inclusion

At FPSG we promote Diversity & Inclusion by supporting the communities in which we live and work.  As Diversity & Inclusion touches everything we do -  from the work we do for our candidates and clients to our internal operations and our further community work - we have embarked upon our own Diversity & Inclusion journey.  We pride ourselves on the work we do with both international and national clients and candidates. On our journey our priorities are:

  • Giving our people the skills to provide our candidates and clients with advice. Membership of ENEI allows us to promote best practice in equality and inclusion in the workplace through employers’ guides, policy briefing, case studies, webinars and networking events to support the needs of our candidate and client partners.  It also offers an opportunity for our staff to grow knowledge outside their normal job role.
  • Understanding where we are in terms of Diversity & Inclusion. Although we are small in comparison to many of the businesses we support, we share many of their values and want to look for ways to create a culture of Equality and Inclusion.  We will look at our processes, how we monitor progress internally and how we select our suppliers.

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a programme of events to mark specific notable dates including International Women’s Day, Workers’ Memorial Day, Volunteers’ Week, International Youth Day, National Work Life Week and World Mental Health Day.  These events will range from fundraisers and collections to coaching workshops and candidate and client surveys.

Do you have your own D&I story to share?  We would love to hear it. Contact us


Our Values

  • F

    We work in a fun, friendly environment, which helps to create a collaborate approach.

  • P

    People are at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to providing a people-centric service.

  • S

    We are specialists in our industries, and we are focused on positivity and professionalism.

  • G

    We are genuine people and this is reflected in the way we treat both clients and candidates, flexibility in everything we do.

  • R

    With unwavering belief in what we do, being responsive to the needs of our clients and candidates is at the heart of our business.


National Living Wage

FPSG is based in Scotland, a region where nearly a fifth of all jobs (18%) pay less than the real Living Wage – around 404,000 jobs

FPSG has become a Living Wage Employer as it reflects our value of commitment to supporting the needs of everyone we work with. As a responsible employer we want to ensure our employees have a wage which is enough to live on.

Tess Lanning, Director, Living Wage Foundation said: “We’re delighted that FPSG has joined the movement of over 4,000 responsible employers across the UK who voluntarily commit to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on.


Living Wage

We are delighted to announce that FPSG been accredited as a Living Wage Employer.  Our Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at FPSG receive the accredited real Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to the costs of living. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that wish to ensure their staff earn a wage they can live on, not just the government minimum. Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 150,000 people and put over £600m extra into the pockets of low paid workers.


Diversity & Inclusion

We plan to host a range of activities on a quarterly basis to highlight specific awareness days such as International Women’s Day, National Careers Week, Workers' Memorial Day and World Mental Health Day.

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ENEI Membership

In recognition of our commitment to our candidates and clients, FPSG has become a member of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI).  Membership allows us to promote best practice in diversity and inclusion in the workplace through employer guides, policy briefings, case studies and further tools to support the needs of our partners through expert advice.  




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