Five Signs it is Time for a Career Change

Five Signs it is Time for a Career Change

If you’ve been working in the same type of job for a long time, the prospect of changing careers might seem daunting. There is no doubt that it is nerve-wracking to start from scratch again, but it also gives you a chance to learn and develop new skills and do something that you might enjoy a lot more. If you are wondering whether it’s time to start looking for new prospects, these are signs that you are ready to take the leap.

Feeling unhappy

Most people don’t spring out of bed each morning, eager to get to work, but if you dread each day (not just a Monday morning!), it is a sign that you may be ready to move on. There is a difference between being in the wrong job and having the wrong career, though. If the fundamentals of the role are no longer making you happy, it is unlikely it will be any better elsewhere.

Lack of job satisfaction

There needs to be some satisfaction in what you do in your role. Do you feel that the job you do has a purpose? For instance, for us working as recruiters, we get immense satisfaction when we place candidates in a role they are excited about.

Michael Taggart, the Director of IT Recruitment Solutions at FPSG spoke about the role of recruiter by saying,

“The role of a recruiter is constantly changing and we are always there for the candidate from the start of their journey, where we assess and discuss the emotions and motivations for making the move, then align with the best path to take.

It is through working closely to really understand the drive to making a change at this initial stage that helps the candidate to enter into the process of their CV being reviewed, feedback given and then the opportunity to interview and showcase the skills you have to offer to the potential new employer. This always has a notable change in emotions where the first breaths of fresh opportunity really starts to come into play for the candidate.  Having had that courage and support to enter a new process to explore for a new destination for your career really is a journey, with the ultimate outcome nothing to be afraid of, as if it is right for you, it can only really take you onto a happier, more contented, rewarding place that aligns with your skills and aspirations better than what you face currently.”

If you don’t feel that your job serves any purpose, staying motivated can be difficult. Consider what purpose you would like your chosen career to have and the types of industries that might suit you. Are you interested in being part of ground-breaking research? Do you want to develop tech that makes life easier for people? These are points to consider to understand whether you are in the right career.

Unmotivated and lack of interest

If you are in the wrong career, you might feel bored, even with aspects that previously interested you in your job. A lack of motivation and interest is harmful not only to your future career but also to the business you are working for. If you are uninterested in the job and the company, it is time to make a change.

Making mistakes

Everyone occasionally makes mistakes in their jobs, but if yours are frequent, there might be better career choices. Most careers are not suitable for everyone, and if you have received sufficient training but are still not getting the hang of the job, it may be time to rethink your career choice.

Unable to cope

It might simply be the case that you are unable to cope with the demands of your chosen career. This might be caused by several possible factors, such as aging, stress, change in personal circumstances or perhaps, a decline in mental health. If your job is doing more damage than good, it might be time to find an alternative.

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