Why you should work with a legal recruitment specialist

Why you should work with a legal recruitment specialist

In the backdrop of major political &economic events, which often dictate the direction of the market, talent attraction and engagement across the UK legal sector continues to be a real challenge for law firms. As a close and trusted recruitment partner to an exceptional (something we would say!) number of law firms across the UK, a question we are often asked from candidates we engage with on behalf of our clients is “Why should I work with a specialist recruiter?”……paraphrasing here of course.

Like any decision you take, considering a new career opportunity in the legal profession is not a ‘one size fits all’ task. Although we can’t speak on behalf of other recruitment professionals, working with our legal recruitment specialist’s offer several benefits, here are only a few which we have put together based on feedback from candidates.

Career/Recruitment Counsel

We have had candidates tell us thatyou were my own career/recruitment counsel.” Our specialist legal recruitment consultants spend significant time building strong relationships with our clients. In turn, we apply the same level of commitment in understanding our candidates professional experience, career aspirations and essentially where the myriad of elements within these areas align to search assignments we are working on.

During this time, complete honesty, transparency and genuine open advice is at the heart of the way in which we partner our candidates. Perhaps our own blend of Stoicism; good, bad or indifferent, we always maintain the middle ground to offer a constant level of support for the best interests of the candidates we partner, there is no shoehorning here!

Fresh Opportunities

Candidates also often tell us that “you reached out about an opportunity that was not in the open market.” No two ways about it, a very important benefit we provide as specialists in the legal recruitment sector is the extensive, long-established relationships we have with our legal clients in the market. A benefit of such is we often work on search assignments which are not actively advertised, out in the open market and are aligned to very sensitive/timely outcomes.  

Often referred to as the ‘Hidden Career Avenue’, we tap into a number of opportunities for legal professionals that are exclusively with FPSG, allowing for a very tailored and controlled recruitment process for candidates. 


One of the most important aspects of working with us is confidentiality. Candidates have told us that “confidentiality was key, you ensured complete discretion, not easy given my practice area & level.”

When you speak with our specialist legal recruitment consultants, it is always done in complete confidence. You may be actively looking, perhaps more passive or somewhere in between with a general level of intrigue into the market to assess your options. Irrespective of your current career focus, confidentiality and discretion is always maintained through our very controlled process for all levels of assignments we recruit for.

We do not adopt a scatter gun approach; your CV, profile…in some searches even your name will ever be shared with our clients without your explicit consent (written and verbal) which would only follow a detailed outline from FPSG of the process. All of this of course, only occurs after we have provided you with a brief of the client, appointment details and reviewed these against your own experience and aspirations.

A few pieces of feedback we took which did not get a detailed mention but nearly made the shortlist:

“You put me at ease when discussing remuneration packages and negotiated a clear direction for myself and the firm.”

“The entire support & guidance for CV preparation, interviews and contact after I joined the firm changed my view on what a recruiter should be!”

“Working together made sure I didn’t limit my view on the market, in all honesty I wouldn’t have considered the firm I joined but you provided insight I did not have access to.”

“Spoke with a few recruiters over the years, confident to say you know the market, listened to what I said and were completely honest with your client on the depth of my experience…..very refreshing thank you.”

Working with a specialist recruiter should always, in our opinion, allow you to gain industry knowledge from an expert in the field that has great connections with firms. The process in between is not easily summarised however when an opportunity arises that matches what you are looking, you will be amongst the first to know!

Get in touch with Allana Logan or Hugh Hardie to find out more about our opportunities across the legal sector:

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