Q&A with Mikolaj Raton

Q&A with Mikolaj Raton

Mikolaj joined FPSG in June 2022, specialising in the legal recruitment sector. We sat down with him to find out how he was getting on in his role, and what he was looking forward to in the future.

How’s your first few months been?

My first few months here at FPSG have been challenging but very enjoyable. I’ve had the pleasure of working besides some top-class recruiters who have already taught quite a lot to do with recruitment and the Scottish Legal Sector. It’s also been great networking with some fantastic people in the legal industry.   

What was your background before entering recruitment?

Before entering recruitment, I came from a customer service and project management background. These roles have enabled me to have some skills which are needed to succeed within this industry. I’m now adapting and applying my skills to the consultancy role.

What has the first few months entailed?

The first few months I’ve focused on developing my recruitment skills and learning more around the legal industry. A key aspect of this has been engaging with candidates in the legal sector across different practice areas in Scotland, establishing some already great relationships and developing our networks. Since joining FPSG I’ve felt very supported from my colleagues who want me to thrive within this role.

Why legal recruitment?

I’ve had some experience in recruitment prior to joining FPSG however no real knowledge of the legal sector, the draw of legal recruitment interested myself as it seemed a strong niche to develop my career within. It’s been fun and challenging getting to know a brand-new industry and interacting with professionals in this space. I’m quite passionate about creating long lasting customer and client relationships so that I can deliver a professional service, which I feel legal recruitment is a perfect fit to achieve.

How are you finding the legal recruitment market just now?

There are too many cliches to describe the market just now, I feel the demand for talent presents a fantastic opportunity for both clients and candidates even in the face of external political and socio-economic elements. We are seeing an uptrend in professionals really focussing more on clear career development paths and firms CSR policies, all the while firms are reacting positively to enhance their people attraction and retention strategies. 

What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

In the next 6 months, I’m looking forward to seeing good progress in my recruitment skills and knowledge of the legal sector. Excited to maintain existing relationships with candidates and expand my network. I’m looking forward to developing my experience with clients and support the development of FPSG’s specialist legal recruitment offering!