FPSG Team Day Out: It’s Good to be Back!

FPSG Team Day Out: It’s Good to be Back!

If we had to roll back the time to November 2020, a team day out would have seemed like nothing but a fantasy. It’s almost hard to believe that this time last year we were confined to our homes, forced apart and being told the disappointing news that a family Christmas would be for one day only!

It is experiences like this that make you stronger and for FPSG, it has brought our team even closer together. That’s why this team day out at Black Axe Throwing Company was so significant to us. It was great to spend time together with a wonderful group of people. With us all working remotely last year and slowly returning to the office, it was a great time to galvanise our positive culture and get to know everyone in a social environment.

Getting together again made us think about the benefits of working together as a team. There is no doubt that working remotely had its benefits – no commute, more time at home, etc., but I think, for most of us, the novelty has well and truly worn off. Most of us don’t want to spend all our time at home, and we miss the collaboration.

These are some of the benefits we’ve established from working together again as a team.

Collaboration Brings Ideas

When you work remotely, you don’t have the opportunity to bounce ideas off your colleagues. Working together gives us all the chance to share ideas, ask for advice and to give our own opinions. It is simply not the same when you work remotely. We are people-centric individuals, which is why we work in recruitment and we thrive through collaborating.

Increase Motivation

If we are completely honest, it is much more difficult to work for 8 hours straight at home, than it is in the office. Not only do you have the inevitable distractions of the housework, postman, and dog walks, you also don’t have the buzz of an office, and seeing other people working hard around you. It is much easier for us to be responsive, one of our core values when we are together in the office.

Morale Boost

Recruitment is full of ups and downs, and it is difficult to pull yourself up from the lows. Unfortunately, the family dog and kids tend to ignore us when we try to discuss our day-to-day recruitment problems with them! When we work together in the office, we have the opportunity to motivate each other, and support each other through everything. We understand each other and the job, which is something you can’t replicate at home.


We are built to need human contact, and being together gives us a sense of belonging. We feel more connected to each other when we are together and can do things like team-building exercises.

The ability to work from home has its upsides but for our team, we also like being together and have noticed the benefits of being together at this event.

Roll on to the next FPSG event at Christmas!

We would love to hear your thoughts on working remotely versus working in the office. Comment below and share your experiences.