The SME and Their Part in Economic Recovery

The SME and Their Part in Economic Recovery

FPSG is proud to partner with a diverse portfolio of businesses from Tier 1 global firms to SME’s and is a key supplier to the public sector. Several of our clients fall under the SME category and as the covid pandemic presents unique challenges to the economy it is worth noting the huge part SME businesses and market disruptors play in rebuilding the economy.

What is the definition of SME?

An SME (Small to Medium enterprise) is officially recognized in the UK as a business with 1-250 employees. 1-50 employees is classed as small, 50-249 is classed as medium and 249+ is large. At the start of 2020 total employment through Small to Medium Enterprise was almost 17 million, which is just over 60% of the UK total employment figure. Turnover estimated at £2.3 trillion. These figures alone show how vital SME’s are to the economy.

Innovation Drives Economic Growth

At FPSG we partner with many clients who are disruptors in their field – innovating through new technology to drive positive change in the way we use technology. This entrepreneurial approach to disrupting markets through the adoption of new technology creates jobs and opportunities and ultimately drives economic growth. It should not be understated just how vital these innovators are to the economy as a whole and FPSG is proud to partner with some of the best in the business.

How do FPSG add Value?

It is vitally important for us to understand the culture of our clients and how this translates to the type of individual they look to recruit. We achieve this by working as closely as possible with our clients (on several occasions from the very beginning of their journey) which enables us to be rooted in their values. There really is no “one-size fits all” approach here and we have joint success by adapting to our client needs and having the ability to provide diverse recruitment strategies which are agile and robust.

Experience is Key

It also helps that we have one of the most experienced teams of people in the market (I will not give out individual ages) who have been on this journey with clients on several occasions. Whether it is providing solutions to a brand new start-up, being an extended arm of your business, building new teams from scratch or to helping you manage periods of exponential growth, our team have seen it all and can provide the expertise that will support your business to grow at the right pace while avoiding the many pit-falls.


As many tech-firms have found out securing the best talent is still just as challenging as it was before the global pandemic hit – the very best people are still in high demand and competition for these people should be expected. It is re-assuring to see the vast majority of our partners require our services more than ever. The smaller firms that we work with are still securing investment, are still hiring and have adapted to new ways of working and across the board the demand for good people is still very high.

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