Making a Career move during a Pandemic

Could I really make a career move during a pandemic?” is a common question FPSG Legal have been encountering in recent months. As new career opportunities continue to be presented throughout the legal profession in Scotland here are a few key areas to explore in considering such a proposition.

Career Goals

Before exploring and progressing with a potential career opportunity, take a moment to think about what you want and why. The pandemic has presented a unique platform to rethink priorities in the backdrop of personal and professional experiences.  With COVID-19 shaking up every possible aspect of our lives, it has in many ways indirectly created a clearer picture of what may and may not be important as we continue to move forward.

As a general starting point, begin to ask yourself:

  • Have I established career goals?
  • If my current position was offered to me now, would I accept it?
  • Where do I see me career progressing to in the next 2, 5 and 10 years’ time?  
  • Has my current firm genuinely delivered its key people value proposition during this pandemic?
  • Is there unique opportunities arising out of COVID-19 which wouldn’t ordinarily be available?  

Professional aspirations can all too often be easily put to the back of our minds once working in a position and even more so during a challenging landscape. Never lose sight of your value to a firm and career goals!  

Professional & Career Development

The pandemic has seen a positive growth of online learning, collaboration and skills development across the legal profession as we continue to balance a blended working approach. This has however arisen in the back drop of professional and career development being paused.

Although understandable, a key consideration at this point is will your current firm provide the right platform for your career to continue to grow as we find ourselves in a new environment or has there been signs of retraction? 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a material effect on the legal profession, it does however allow a true assessment of where skills development has reached and for you to begin planning on next steps required for you to continue to develop within your career.    

Research, Research and more Research

Whether you have been headhunted, applied for a job directly or even been contacted by a former colleague it is imperative before considering a new opportunity further that you do your research!

The pandemic has been testing for the legal profession therefore aspects such as firm performance in recent years, team stability, people propositions and mission statements are all a great base when assessing a potential new employer. Confidence is imperative, prior to having any discussion be it informal or formal with a potential new firm you want to be entering such discussion with an initial understanding of these aspects. Blogs, online webinars, firms’ websites are a great starting point to identify any recurring themes for these key consideration points when carrying out your research.  

Assemble Your Trusted Counsel

When you have set your mind on exploring a new career opportunity, it is best to discuss this with those closest to you early on in the process either before or shortly thereafter an initial discussion. Be it your most trusted peers, industry contacts, friends or family members. In essence, you want to have what is often described as your own board of directors, there to provide you with the necessary guidance.  


At FPSG we have over 15 years’ expertise as Legal Recruitment specialists, focussed on building long-term relationships to crucially understand the goals and needs for clients and candidates.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. We will work with you in the strictest of confidence to explore the above aspects further, understand your expertise and identify who we believe would best align with your career goals.  If COVID-19 has helped to show you what you really want, now is the time to explore new potential opportunities.

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