FPSG Annual Christmas Day Out

FPSG Annual Christmas Day Out

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas means stress, deadlines and did I mention, stress?  Jokes aside, December is also a time of celebration and wrapping things up for the end of the year.

Last week, FPSG had our annual Christmas Doo in Edinburgh with both offices attending the top secret activity.   Guesses were flowing around the office and during the walk to the mystery location.  Eventually, we arrived outside Escape Reality – real life escape rooms designed to test your problem solving and team working skills.

The group was split into teams with each team tackling a different themed room, ranging from vampires to prison escapes.  A 60 minute timer was set and the fun began!  These rooms are not to be undertaken lightly, only a few teams managed to beat the clock in the dash to the finish line – with most teams having to be rescued by escape room staff!

Escape Reality was an excellent team building event, providing entertainment and a challenge for all.  Team building activities are important for forging and managing relationships, whilst allowing staff to interact with one another out with normal business operations.  This is particularly important due to the fact that FPSG operates over two busy offices at each side of the country, and staff often only interact with one another over the phone or through emails.

The group then went to Contini restaurant in Edinburgh city centre for some well-deserved Christmas dinner – crackers and party hats galore!  A great time was had by everyone and it’s the one time of the year where everybody can get together and forget about the stresses of work for one day!

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