Scotland is the place to be for tech roles!

Scotland is the place to be for tech roles!

Tech is booming!

Scottish Development International tweeted: “Scotland will receive the UK’s ‘most advanced’ Internet of Things networks. A £6 million investment in a new #tech is a 3-year project, with funding from public and private sector organisations.”

We asked our Managing Director, Andrew Spratt, for his take on tech roles…

“Scotland has a great history of innovating and taking the lead in new technology adoption. This announcement on the #InternetOfThings network being deployed here in Scotland is very exciting. Not only are @BostonNetworks and @iotsct building a pioneering environment that will offer the opportunity for creativity by Scottish Business, but, indirectly, they will also provide a platform for innovation.

There will be a number of start-up businesses, either in existence or in incubation, who will be able to bring #IoT products and Services into a market place where they can be properly trialled and adopted.

There are also further opportunities for existing IoT businesses internationally to now look to Scotland as a location that they need to be present in. Not only will there be an advanced test bed but a growing pool of business ready professionals.

FPSG have taken a keen interest in IoT, not only are the topics thought provoking and the technology solutions of high interest, there also exists a need for a proactive building and linking of the diverse technologist that will ultimately contribute to an IoT community. Be that real-time development, to machine learning, embedded systems to wireless sensors, we will watch with interest the work of IoT Scotland and Boston Networks and hopefully in some small way contribute to the Scottish IoT revolution.”

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