Benefits of flexible working: International Day of Families

Benefits of flexible working: International Day of Families

Flexible working allows parents to come back to work.  The 15th May marks International Day of Families. Established by the United Nations in 1993, the day provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and increase knowledge of the factors affecting families throughout the world.

FPSG supports the family by providing flexible working to our staff ensuring they have the opportunity to have high quality family time when it matters. The CIPD has extensive resources on flexible working and the benefits to employers, employees and the family which can be accessed here.

“Office life often presents blocks to a harmonious family life. Leaving home in rush hour and returning late at night leaves little time for getting children to and from school and can contribute to stress at home and in the workplace. As much as my children enjoy breakfast club they prefer to have their Weetabix at their own pace with me at home! By working flexibly, I can spend time with my children AND my work colleagues, stress free and productively. With access to my emails remotely, there’s always the opportunity to catch up on urgent communication”. Kirsty Peacock, Operations Director.

“I was initially daunted at the prospect of returning to work after a family career break but working flexibly with FPSG has made it easy for me to juggle family and work life. Commuting out with rush hour allows me to drop my children at school, get into work more quickly and save money for weekend treats.” Susan Douglas, Office Management.

Andrew Spratt, our MD “Flexible working has allowed us to access a talent pool of dedicated and experienced recruiters who are highly skilled in their fields. It also means we can support our long term employees with their family commitments. Many of our flexible workers show exemplary behaviours which contribute to a positive workplace morale. Our candidates and clients also benefit as resources are available ‘out of hours’”

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