Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed!

Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed!

Job hunting can be a very difficult time in your life. Whether it’s your first job, or you’re looking for a new career opportunity, the waiting game to know if you have been successful can be very stressful.

In my time as a Recruitment Consultant, I have spoken with many candidates who have been unemployed for several months/years and have no idea why.

Here’s a few reasons why you might not be landing your dream job and how to overcome them:


Your CV is the first version of you that a potential new employer will see therefore, it is essential that your work history, experience and qualifications are up to date and relevant to the field you are applying to. Make sure you include a valid email address and contact telephone number for employers to reach you.


It’s easy to get down when you’ve been unemployed and unsuccessful at finding your next job. It also doesn’t help you interview well. During your period of unemployment, staying as positive as possible about potential opportunities and your skills will show in your interviews. If you show up to an interview down and defeated, it will be noticed. Look at the upside of your job search and consider each interview or potential opportunity a step in the right direction.


How you present yourself is how you will be remembered. It tells a potential new employer how much you care about self-representation, how you value the opinion of your prospective employer, and how much effort you’re prepared to give. Look the part of a successful future employee and you might just find yourself with the job.


An interview takes preparation; do research on the company you applied for and dazzle them with your knowledge of the company and the position. Prepare your answers to interview questions before hand and don’t go on about your personal problems or why you hated your last boss. Keep your answers clear, concise and confident; with a little charm and humour you may just dominate that interview.


Having a degree doesn’t always make you qualified for those higher paying jobs, but it can make you over-qualified for entry level jobs. When you’re fresh out of university and you can’t land an entry level job, employers don’t see you as a safe bet; they assume you will eventually find a job more suited to your education and ditch them the first chance you get. Finding the right level of job is key as aiming too low will hurt you just as much as aiming too high. Always prove that you are worth the investment.


Everyone you know should know you are looking for employment. Friends, family members, old colleagues are always important to reach out to. The more people that know the better. This allows people to keep you in mind if there are any jobs they come across. Update your LinkedIn profile, attend local job fairs and career events to get your name out there in your industry. It may seem a lot of work but it is invaluable as a job seeker.

At FPSG we can help you overcome all of these issues. Our team of specialist consultants will assist throughout the full recruitment process. From discussing your career move to interview and offer management we are there to ensure that you are given as much support as required to secure your next move.

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Author: Leanne Weir