Importance Of A Recruitment Agency To A Biotech/Pharma Global Enterprise Client

Importance Of A Recruitment Agency To A Biotech/Pharma Global Enterprise Client

As FPSG are based in Scotland we have seen first-hand the effects the Biotech/Pharma industry has had on the Scottish economy bringing in approximately £2.7 billion per annum.

This injection and continued development is what you could say began my fascination with the industry and why I strive to be recognised nationally and globally as a highly regarded agency recruiter within the Biotech/Pharma sphere.

Any enterprise sized Biotech company has a highly functioning successful in-house talent acquisition team with an impeccable interview to placement conversion rate.

So what is the point in an agency?

Large organisations are continually hiring, some with over a thousand vacancies globally, some vacancies are easier than others to fill. Then perhaps once or twice a year there is an Everest of a position to fill. One either so senior or one where the skill set is so niche that the candidate pool is so shallow and the majority are happy with their current employer therefore not actively applying to vacancies.

To headhunt these extremely specific candidates

  • Successfully make contact (harder than you think!)
  • Gain their trust
  • Sell them the opportunity – challenging when they were not interested in moving 5 minutes previous to your conversation
  • Qualify them as a top performer within their field
  • Relate each individual skill that this candidate has to the job specification
  • Learn your candidate’s aspirations for the future, their career goals, their personal ethics, the company culture they feel would suit them – this all takes time.

While this is being done? That vacancy is sitting open and the organisation is either losing money or they are spreading existing staff thinly to cover the absence in the interim.

Client Wise

The positive aspect of having a trusted agency recruiter on hand is that no fees are paid unless the organisation hires the candidate in question. So up until that point – all of the above tasks and the time spent are done by the recruiter without the promise of any financial gain. In the worst case? It will set a benchmark for any internal candidates the internal team has looked at.

Candidate Wise

If contact has been made you know you are in a position of power; that your field/discipline is sought after and as such the recruiter (I can only speak for myself) wants to maintain a long term relationship.
Whether that is with the client in question or any other that would pique your interest in the market.
It would be in the best interest of the recruiter to chase opportunities with other companies and give you a selection of exciting opportunities based on your personal preferences.


When you pair a specialised internal talent team with a reputable, tenacious and dedicated recruiter/agency who are enthusiastic to work on vacancies that are a pain point it is win for the client, win for the agency and most importantly win for the candidate!

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Author: Dayna Ferguson