Ways To Reward Your Employees

Ways To Reward Your Employees

Rewarding employees within the work place is vital, however this can have a positive or negative impact on the organisation in terms of motivation, staff retention, and employees hitting targets. Money is not always a key motivator, many studies prove that cash can only be effective in the short term, additionally it can feel impersonal as well as facile.

There are a variety of methods, cash-free, which an employer can use to incentivise their staff. It is important to establish how these goals are achieved as this will elucidate the reason for their rewards.

Reward schemes are applicable to any role, employees could be provided with a variety of incentives on a varying scale, depending on their achievements. If someone has received great feedback from a customer they could be provided with a small reward, such as a coffee or thirty minutes extra at lunch. If something more impactful has been achieved, bringing on a new client for example or servicing a certain amount of clients in a day, the employee could be taken out for lunch or dinner. This will encourage more consistent and efficient work.

Offering an extra day holiday for Birthdays will give everyone the same reward, cost free. If someone works particularly hard, or more hours than obliged to, allow them to come in later or go home early. This will encourage your staff to work harder and earn extra time.

Providing your team with breakfast on a Friday will not only fuel them for the day but will create a good atmosphere in the office in preparation for the weekend.

Training and Development is something which should be provided across the board, however there are always people who are more career driven and would like the opportunity to ascertain as many qualifications as possible. Not only will they be delighted with this opportunity but they are more likely to remain within the company as they know they will be provided with development and training.

“Employee of the Month” is an effective method of employee recognition. This could either be chosen by management or other staff members; however, not everyone likes public recognition, if so then a personal email or 1 to 1 meeting could carry the same weight. This would inform the person that their achievements of the past week or month have been noticed.

Lastly, I would like to provide a particularly cost effective reward, working from home. Allowing staff members to work a day from home either on a weekly or ad-hoc basis can be extremely rewarding and increase work productivity, due to no office distractions.

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Author: Jacob McClay