How Christmas Jobs Can Benefit Your Career

How Christmas Jobs Can Benefit Your Career

When the festive period arrives, you can guarantee that you have a lot on your mind: cards, presents, parties, family, friends and not forgetting the big day itself! It can all be rather overwhelming and seeking new employment can easily slip down your list of priorities.

Christmas time, however, presents a variety of employment opportunities ready to be seized! Companies across the UK recruit hundreds of thousands of temporary employees on the run-up to Christmas in preparation for their busiest time of the year. By taking on employment over these merry months you can benefit your career in both the short and long term…


Unfortunately, the presents and the parties all need to be paid for. By working over the Christmas period, you not only cover the costs of your day-to-day living but your new income also helps towards the costs of the festive necessities. Additionally, working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day can often earn you a higher rate compared to any other days of the year.


As part of your Christmas job, it is likely you will receive training as part of the role. Although some of these tasks may be specific to the job, it is an opportunity to gain new, transferrable skills to apply to your future roles. Take note of these abilities and your duties and add them to your CV to show off your growing skillset!


A temporary job can give you the opportunity to experience a new industry, highlight your strengths and determine whether it is something you would like to pursue. To some employers, listing a temporary job looks better than having a gap in your CV’s employment history. If you have had a spell of unemployment due to a challenging period of job hunting, getting up to go to work, gaining new skills and meeting new people can really give you the motivation to look for further employment.


A temporary job is likely to bring a group of strangers together to work as a team. Meeting new people this way can help you gain confidence to function effectively in an unfamiliar situation. Working in a group also allows you to practice key team work skills, for example, listening, cooperation and giving support to your colleagues. Building a new network of connections can even open doors to you such as further job opportunities.


Christmas jobs present a chance to prove your skills in the workplace are too good to let go! By adopting a strong work ethic, passion for the job and team player mentality, you are likely to make a big impact on your employer. Even if your contract is not extended, these attributes will not have been missed and may lead your employer to call upon you in the future or let you know about upcoming vacancies. Either way, you’ll have gained a good employment reference.

Overall, having a Christmas job offers all things new: new skills, new experiences, new connections and a new outlook on temporary employment as a way of benefiting your career!

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Author: Lowri Davies