How To Manage Christmas At The Office

How To Manage Christmas At The Office

Managing Christmas at the office can often prove difficult due to all that goes on throughout the festive period. At the back of your mind you will be excited about the annual company Christmas night out, Christmas day itself and New Year celebrations. Between an office of skeleton staff and the distractions around this time of year it can be difficult to concentrate on work. Customers & clients become difficult to tie down; we all find it frustrating when others don’t move at the pace we do, we’ve all been there. If we are able to accurately plan our daily activities and our approach, it will increase the possibility of positive outcomes.

In order to feel productive, we have to take a sense of personal and professional pride in what we are trying to achieve throughout the year and Christmas is no different. When there are challenges and obstacles preventing us completing certain actions, it is key that we know when to move on to the next task to ensure that time isn’t wasted while we are in the office – to be as efficient with our working day.

The period between Christmas and New Year, can also be an odd feeling time. You’ve spent the last few days eating way too much, sleeping and spending time with the family. Returning to an often empty feeling office for a few days can feel strange, especially with several tubs of leftover chocolates to get through. This can be a time to get through some tasks such as planning your approach for when returning in January, catching up with candidates you’ve not spoken to for a while and going through up-to-date market information.

Stay focused and set targets

Once the office Christmas party is out the way, it’s important to still stay focused on what you need to achieve. Set out a specific list of daily objectives in order to be as productive as possible and although some tasks on your list may carry over to the following day, it is imperative that if it is on your list that you close it out.

Prioritise your workload based on your clients’ diaries

In the run up to the festive period, it’s key to know the opening days & hours of your customers as well as the schedule of your key contacts. This will allow you to concentrate on the customers who will be able to make decisions to ultimately influence successful outcomes during this time and leading in to January.

Stay positive and influential

Within recruitment there is constant demand and as we approach a new year, our customers will be eager to secure new talent for new projects, teams and potentially new legislation changes. We have to be able to be proactive and consultative to influence.

All-in-all, it helps to be organised and to stay focused on what you want to get out of each day. With it being a quieter time for some, it may prove an ideal time for your customers to meet with their next hire.

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Author: Ian Blackwood