Skills Every Employee Should Have

Skills Every Employee Should Have

You are recruiting for a rocket scientist, you’ve received a number of applications, you’ve narrowed it down to two potential candidates – they both have identical Rocket Scientist qualifications, they both have identical school qualifications, they have identical work experience – how do you make that critical decision on which one to hire? Is it just down to personality, is it just on which one you want to work with; how on earth do you choose?

There are certain attributes and skills you can look for when interviewing and for candidates going to interview they should endeavour to show as many of the following as they can during the interview.

Good written and verbal communication skills are fundamental in the work place to be able to convey information, share ideas and engage across all levels

Good employees are highly motivated and passionate about what they do and who they work for. Highly motivated employees will show up for work, they will tend to push themselves and influence others around them.

You want your employees to be loyal and to follow company procedures and standards. The last person you want in your business is someone that potentially could spread inappropriate information and/ or disclose sensitive information.

Most employees would rate teamwork and collaboration high in their work related must haves, the ability to work with others is essential to a harmonious and productive working environment.

This skill is not just for Rocket Scientists, employees should demonstrate the ability to come up with ideas to improve on existing processes or services, to be able to think outside the box in problem solving.

Lifelong learners are interested in continuing to learn and develop new skills, this creates passion and high levels of interest in what they do.

Flexibility / Adaptability
Companies and workplaces change all the time to keep up with the competition or to improve services, it’s important that employees can adapt and not be afraid of change. Good employees will embrace this and adapt accordingly and will not get stumped when something does not go as planned.

Time –Management
All jobs will have deadlines to meet, most jobs these days do require employees to wear different hats so it is important that employees can prioritise and multi-task effectively.

There are many other attributes and skills that potential employees should be able to convey at interview – confidence in ability, positive attitude to life, enthusiasm etc.

It’s not rocket science – or is it?

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Author: Jane Hammond