Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Candidate

Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Candidate

As recruitment specialists, we at FPSG pride ourselves in getting to know our candidates throughout the interview process. Throughout my time as a recruitment consultant I have learned which questions allow me to gain the best insight into my candidates.
Here are some of the interview questions you should ask your candidate and my reasons for asking them.

What attracted you to this role?
This question will give the interviewer an indication into how much research a candidate has done, not only into the role itself but into the company which is hiring. The interviewer should be looking for someone who has a clear understanding of the job role and why they would be best suited for the position. Furthermore, they are looking for the candidate to identify what skills and attributes they could contribute to the hiring company.

What are your main strengths and weaknesses?
It is always good to find out what the candidate thinks they are particularly good at within their current position. The interviewer is then able to ask the candidate to expand on each area and dicuss how this will help them succeed in the position. When hearing about the candidate’s weaknesses, the interviewer should ask what steps have already been taken to try to overcome them, or what steps the candidate believes should be taken to overcome the same problem if it were to arise again.

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?
The applicant’s answer tells the interviewer more about his or her values. The interviewer can determine what prompted the job search and this allows them a better insight into the candidate’s current position, taking into many factors such as their desire for more progression, challenge or career change. It allows the interviewer to identify any matters around relocation, working hours or commute to work.

Tell me about your greatest work achievement?
This question will allow the applicant to demonstrate their individual values and what he or she would consider to be important within the work place. Furthermore, it would allow the interviewer to understand what the candidate would consider to be an achievement, allowing a further insight into the candidate’s skills and attributes.

Tell me about a time you had to overcome a major obstacle?
This question will allow the interviewer to obtain a clear picture of the candidate’s past performance. The interviewer should aim to find out what methods the candidate considered to overcome the obstacle. This question will allow the interviewer to gain an idea of what the candidate considers to be an obstacle within the workplace and will give the interviewer a clear indication into the candidate’s problem solving skills and style. This may also help the interviewer to learn about his or hers past relationships and interactions with their manager and other colleagues.

Get to know your candidate, find out about their skills and visions for their future. Ensure you gain all of the information you need to make your decision on whether the candidate is the right person for the job.

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Author: Robert O’Brien