FPSG’s presentation at s1jobs MASTERMIND sessions

FPSG’s presentation at s1jobs MASTERMIND sessions

I had an opportunity to represent FPSG speaking with the s1 team this morning, as part of their Mastermind session. I am not sure if we would have made the grade of the late Magnus Magnusson, but it was definitely a fun event, with plenty of participation from all sides.

The primary goal was to provide a little insight into the recruitment agency world. An insider perspective if you like, on what we do, why, when and how. The topics ranged from head hunting to client control. From the intricacies of expectation management to rapport building and candidate loyalty.

A great range of questions and opinions from the floor opened up debates such as ‘agency versus internal’ and ‘why and when do we advertise?’. Interesting how depending on the perspective we all at different times carry the tag or issue the description of “necessary evil”.

I went with an open mind, maybe even the assumption that I would have all the answers. The s1 team, however, carry a diverse range of experience, skills and perspectives that together created a dynamic and thought provoking Q&A session.

“How will GDPR affect the recruitment industry moving forward and what changes will you need to make?”…..have to admit this one took me a little by surprise and the thinking pause before answer was borderline uncomfortable….but we got there in the end.

“What does the recruitment industry need to do better?”. I started with a strong idea on improvements around working quicker and smarter, utilizing technology etc, but after bouncing back and forward the summary was all about improving our customer service….so some valuable context for me.

A genuinely enjoyable session, some good discussion and I have to say I had fun. Would strongly recommend that others get involved in the s1 Mastermind events and look out for the appropriate notifications.

Author: Andrew Spratt – Managing Director at FPSG