IT and Business Change supports ScotlandIS

IT and Business Change supports ScotlandIS

Earlier this year, our specialist Digital Team, a core component of the IT and Business Change division, was delighted to be invited to consult with ScotlandIS, the trade body for the digital technologies industry, on this year’s ScotlandIS Salary Report.

As industry specialists, our association with top tier technology candidates and organisations made us an ideal partner in this project. The report provides targeted salary and benefits benchmarking with the aim of helping the industry grow effectively through the attraction and retention of top talent. The report is published annually to illustrate developing market trends.

The insight….
The report contains some valuable insight into the salary bands that exist in the local market. With details on some of the key job functions by experience and some perception of how this compares both regionally in Scotland and across the rest of the UK.

What is of particular interest is the information available on the non-financial benefits that are becoming more constant in the packages offered in Scotland. Not surprisingly to the creative industries, continual personal improvement leads the way with training and development, scoring number one as the most prevalent additional benefit. It is the increased commonness of flexible employment conditions such as home working and a compressed working week, that demonstrates how Digital Technology Employers are leading the way on improving the “work life balance” of employees by manipulating working practices from inside the company.

The Digital Team at FPSG would be keen to follow up on any questions or queries that the report may generate, or provide some insight to these and other trends. We are also keen to work with employers that may have a specific niche technology or candidate sector that they would like some specific research on. Please forward any such enquiries to and one of the team will be in touch.